Monday, July 16, 2007

90K and still going strong

I hit 90K this past weekend and decided it was time to give a little update. The truck is running strong with very little besides maintenance to be done on it:

  1. Left-rear 1157 bulb burnt out at about 50K
  2. Replaced the tires at 39K miles (Pirelli V-rated Scorpions 255 55H18)
  3. Replaced the factory battery with a 600 A Red Top Optima (bought at Costco) - the old battery was dying - at 45K miles.
  4. Right Window stared slipping about 60K - did the washer fix and it's been working fine.
  5. Upgraded the rotors at about 72K (didn't need to but went with some cross-drilled) - still plenty of pad left so I'm still on them (bought new but didn't want to waste what was still good). Also went with new braided lines all around.
  6. ABS unit went bad and was replaced with a unit pulled from a 99 VX (total cost $100 plus install) at about 72K miles (same time as the brake lines and rotors).
  7. The 600 A Optima I had died after 2 years (75K miles) - got a refund on it at Costco and bought a 700 A Optima red top at Sears - it's still going strong.
  8. Replaced the tires with Kumho Ecstas at about 79K (started getting wear on the Pirellis - a bit too soft and grippy for me - the Pirellis would track into every groove on the road - the Kumho's are slightly harder and don't track).
  9. Right-rear 1157 bulb burnt out at 89K (good thing they are sold in pairs!).
  10. About to get the 90K maintenance done

I change the oil about every 4-5K - useing 10w30 Mobile 1 and put in about 1 qt between oil changes. I also change the PCV every-other oil change - I find that it improves the mileage slight. I also changed to 89 octane as I was getting some pre-ignition using 87. About once every 2 months or so I put in some additive to melt out the impurities. That's about it - the truck has been running flawlessly.

-- John