Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Front Emblem

Not much to add regarding the VX - I did lose the "V" from the custom, titanium VX emblem from the front - came out from work and noticed it was gone. I cleaned it up a bit and ordered a set of red CF emblems and thought I would first try it out with the "X" titanium one. As the VehiCROSS emblem is a mix of red and silver it sort of works and gives it a unique look. What do you think? Image was taken with my iphone on an overcast day (you can see the rain drops on the bumper cover).

I also decided to remove the Supercharger as I was getting some terrible drive bearing rattle. I'm looking for someone to rebuild and port the intake - more on that as I have time to geterdone! As for now she's driving with my old HotShot intake and cone filter.

-- John